The Centre for Induction and Acceleration

SENCO: Ms S Reed

The Centre provides support and direction for students of every kind across all three Learning Communities. It offers courses to develop basic skills and language as well as providing extension courses for the most able. Students arriving at the Academy mid-year are given additional support by the Centre to help them settle quickly and effectively. The Centre has a dedicated team of professionals and agencies led by a Senior Teacher, and it also has a Community Manager to provide an additional contact for students and parents.

The Centre suite of Learning Rooms offers an extensive alternative curriculum for students including Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, Spanish, Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL), KS3 & KS4 PSHEE, Brain Training, PE and ART.

Students are able to have intensive mentoring and support in preparation for their GSCE's in the Centre.


CIA Curriculum Maps


CIA Staff Team

Ms S Reed

SENDCo - Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator

Ms S Lenihan

SENCo Assistant

Ms M Ciobanu

ASD Specialist for ASD Facility

Mrs K Miles-Streek

Alternative Curriculum / ASD

Mr S Humphrys

Alternative Curriculum / Horticulture Specialist

Ms L Sargent

Learning Support Assistant - EAL Specialist

Ms A Etchells

Learning Support Assistant - EAL Specialist

Ms V Larkin

Learning Support Assistant - EAL Specialist 

Ms C Duffy

CIA Lead

Mr E Carter

Learning Support Assistant

Mr J Edwards

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs S Griffin

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs F O’Keeffe 

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs S Sullivan

Learning Support Assistant