The Scholar Programme and related ‘extra-curricula’ opportunities are designed to
stimulate, stretch and enrich learning for the most able and ensure that scholars are
engaged in activities relating to the wider community. This will mean that the Programme
will provoke a thirst for knowledge, develop a respect for academic rigour and scholarly
values, develop an open, inquiring, creative and logical, growth-based mind-set to ensure
that high ability learners are and remain ambitious, enterprising and socially responsible when pursuing their specific educational pathway. Furthermore, the Scholars Programme
will have an English discipline base but will assume a distinctive approach to learning that is
‘interdisciplinary’ (i.e. make links and connections between many other subjects, especially
other academic EBAC subjects, in order to ensure that all scholar learning has the potential
to be as original, innovative and widely useful as possible). To use an idea from ‘Alice in
Wonderland’, scholars will be expected, as a commitment to developing originality of
thought, to identify, follow and evolve individual ‘intellectual and moral white rabbits’! It is
also hoped that students will also be able to learn alongside members of staff who are also
interested in his method of learning and in gaining some specialist subject knowledge and
professional development.

Successful candidates will have access to:-

  • Links to the KS4 Gifted and Talented learning programme
  • Regular personal academic mentoring sessions
  • Formal scholar academic reports twice a year (End of Term2 just before Christmas
    and the beginning of Term 6 in the Summer)
  • Supportive peer mentoring
  • Opportunities and training in how to conduct research learning for the more able as
    part of the Academy’s internal Student Leaders of Learning project (SLOL)
  • Opportunities to support and lead aspects of the learning of more able students in
    local primary and infant schools
  • Wide-ranging and innovative learning links within the Eastbourne Schools
    Partnership programmes involving state and private schools and local universities
  • Visit to see our local MP in the Houses of Parliament, London
  • Visits to some Russell Group universities (the elite universities in the UK such as
    Oxford, Cambridge, London)
  • A teacher / coordinator / researcher who has doctoral research expertise in
    providing and leading innovative and challenging learning programmes for more able
    students (11-18)


The Weekly Scholar Timetable

The academic sessions will take place each week during OWL 1 on Wednesdays (both yellow
and blue weeks). However, if student interest is sufficiently strong (and I hope it will be) it
would be possible to extend this to include OWL 2 on the same day. This is based on an
assumption and expectation that the level of expected depth and breadth of Scholar
learning could well need two consecutive OWLS to fulfil full learning potential. However,
this ‘extension’ option will not be compulsory.

The Academy Scholars Academic Programme of Study
The after-school Academy Scholars Programme for the year is outlined below (but may be
subject to change depending on developing student interest):

Term 1

The origin and linguistic / social development of the English Language (this
will involve personal research into the etymology of words and how language
is used by social groups in society (sociolinguistics) and discourse theory (the
theory and practice of competent / skilled communication)

Term 2

Advanced ‘literary analysis’ (poetry, prose (novels), plays, paintings / cognitive linguistics / ‘affective’ stylistics)

Term 3Introduction to philosophy / critical thinking / political ethics: epistemology

Introduction to philosophy / critical thinking / political ethics: epistemology
(what is knowledge? / how is knowledge is made? what is the best kind of
society? / what is the best way to live together? What is freedom?

Term 4

Aesthetics (theory of art / what is art? / beauty? / How can we make sense
of art? / what is the value of art? / what is the value of an artist in society /
film theory and analysis)

Term 5

Creative Writing / Art (entering competitions / or just self-expression in poetry, short stories, drawing, painting, dance & music)

Term 6

Shakespeare Study: visit to the Globe Theatre, London to see the play we have studied


Scholar ‘Extra-Curricular’ Commitment Options x 3
(students choose one option to specialize in for the year)

1:  Academic Learning Support in KS1 / KS2 (infant and primary schools) / Marketing

2:  Drama Performance / Marketing

3:  Scholar Research into the Teaching and Learning of the Scholar programme. (Scholars researching Scholars)



To be considered for a place on the Academy Scholars Programme your child is invited to:-
Write a letter, of no more than one side of A4 paper, answering and explaining the following:-
  1. Why they would like to be an Academy Scholar
  2. What learning strengths and interests they can bring to the programme
  3. What kind of ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ school activities they have already engaged in and how might these be useful to the scholar programme. What have personal benefits have been gained from these activities?
  4. Their future academic and employment aspiration


Gifted and Talented

Many of the scholars may also be part of our gifted and talented program. See the link below for more details.

Web icon Gifted and Talented