Student Leadership Roles

At The Eastbourne Academy, we pride ourselves on providing support for our students in various ways. Each of our internal schools has a Community Manager who is the main point of contact for both students and parents

There are many roles within our school, in which our students take on responsibilities and support younger students. These students are also there to help others throughout their time at the Academy.

We are very proud of our Student Leadership, we have a very strong student body who care deeply about their school and community. This is illustrated by the fact we raised, as an Academy, over £7000 last year for charities. The charities were chosen by the students and the fund-raising was organised by the students from each community. We have had activities ranging from teachers shaving their heads, students going into assemblies to talk about their charity and having fun runs!

The charities which were supported were the national charities Breast Cancer and Age Concern. The local charity was St.Wilfrid’s.



Buddies are students who are trained to make the year 7 feel welcome and guide them around the school. Students get the chance to be a buddy in years 8 and 9.

Head Boy and Head Girl

Within the Senior Prefects, one girl and boy are chosen to be the Head Boy and Head Girl of the 3 schools within the Academy. There is alos a Head Girl and Head Boy for the whole Academy.   

New Student Supporters

These are students who are trained to support students who come in between the school year. 

Peer Mediators

Peer mediators help students to come up with a realistic solution to solve their friendship problems.


Prefects are students who have been trained to help teachers with duties. They are the role models to the rest of the Academy. In addition, six students are chosen to be senior Prefects of their school. 

Roles within Tutor times

There are many roles within tutor times to help the tutor. Students from all years can participate and take the responsibility to give a look into future leadership roles throughout their time at The Eastbourne Academy.

SEAL Supporters

SEAL supporters are a selection of students from different cultural backgrounds who have done well at the Academy and are trained to support new students of English as an additional language


Student Leaders of Learning are students who are trained to observe lessons and report back to the teachers, helping them make their lessons more effective and helpful from the student’s point of view.

Student Panel

A panel of students overlook KS3 student’s behaviours throughout the school and set them targets in terms of their behaviour.

Student Interview Panel

The Student Interview Panel interview all of the applicants for their new teaching jobs and are asked for their opinions from the heads of the subject and the Principal.

Student Council

This is where each community puts forward four students (2 from KS3, 2 from KS4) and the council itself is chaired by our Academy Head boy and Head girl. After every meeting the representatives report back to their school in the following assembly.

Student Supporter

Student Supporters are trained to support students throughout their time at The Eastbourne Academy. Students have the chance to be student supporters in year 10.