Teaching and Learning

Pupils are immensely proud of their school and are keen to learn.


At The Eastbourne Academy, we believe that Learning is our core priority. We recognise that continually striving to improve the quality of teaching and learning is key to securing high levels of achievement for all. Here at The Eastbourne Academy, we aim to foster each student’s unique strengths and talents whilst meeting their needs and raising their academic and social aspirations. Students of all abilities at the Academy will be given every opportunity to learn in order to achieve their full potential.

We aim to achieve this by creating a stimulating learning environment where high expectations, active learning techniques and the use of digital technologies are the norm.  Our focus on our three core principles of Learn, Engage and Respect are rigorously upheld. We believe that learning should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone.


Teachers have found different strategies to motivate pupils further and improve their learning.


The Eastbourne Academy expects its teaching staff to be learners too and always to reflect on better ways to deliver the best possible learning. We are in a fortunate position to have a number of Lead Practitioners and Specialist Leaders of Education. These are teachers and leaders who have the skills to drive forward standards in teaching and learning not only here at The Eastbourne Academy, but also in other schools. They understand what makes outstanding teaching and learning in their area of expertise and are skilled in helping others to achieve this. In addition, we have Directors of Learning, posts created by the Academy to work with teachers to ensure the quality of lessons are always at least good and frequently outstanding; promoting lessons that provide both rigour and challenge.


teachers know their pupils well and are determined that their disadvantaged pupils receive extra support if required.