Year 11 Homework Term 1

We passionately believe in supporting student learning outside of the classroom.  Each curriculum area has listed their expectations for homework and independent study outside of lesson hours for both KS3 and KS4.


The homework club runs every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3.00pm to 4.00pm in the Learning Zone, offering a quiet and welcoming learning environment.  You can access the computers, including the internet, iPads and a printer.  One to one and group support is available if required. If you attend homework club you will be rewarded with Vivo miles.



KS4 students in Art are given homework each week to complete as part of their coursework. This should take them around an hour and a half per week to complete and will be individualised to the students and the projects they have chosen to undertake. If students are unsure they can refer to the homework section in their handbook.

Students complete two projects during GCSE: 60% coursework and 40% exam. Although we have plenty of lessons, students work at different paces and will often have to complete work at home when appropriate. This may be drawing, mixed media, taking photographs or researching artists. Students are encouraged to work independently and take ownership of their projects, therefore completion of homework is vital for students to achieve their potential. If there are any concerns with homework, students/parents are welcome to email any queries to




Design and Technology

Research into nursery education toys in preparation for your mock exam.

You need to create a blank set of slides in your Unit 1 presentation.

Collect images and analyse why these toys are suitable to be used in a nursery. You will also need to look at the construction technique of each toy.

We would expect 5 examples.


PDF icon KS4 Homework


Film Studies

Students are expected to attend at least two coursework sessions after school. These take place in Room 14 from Tuesday to Friday.

This is an opportunity for students to refine and finish their portfolios to a high standard. 

Students are strongly encouraged to continually undertake independent revision of exam topics, i.e. Superhero Movies and Tsotsi.


Food Preparation and Nutrition

PDF icon Food Preparation and Nutrition Term 1



Due: Every Thursday

Students are to attempt two past GCSE exam question from the booklet below. The questions attempted should relate to work completed in class using the learnt exam technique. Students are invited to bring their exam answers to Mr Pavey, so they can be marked and feedback and guidance offered.



Due: Every Thursday

Students are to attempt two past GCSE exam questions from the booklet below. The questions attempted should relate to work completed in class using the learnt exam technique.

Students are invited to bring their exam answers to Miss Joseph, so they can be marked and feedback and guidance offered.

PDF icon Past Exam Questions- American West

PDF icon Past Exam Questions- Medicine through time

PDF icon Past Exam Questions- Surgery


PDF icon Revision Guide for Parents

PDF icon Past Questions



Maths homework for KS4 is set weekly and will either be on Mathswatch or from the KS4 revision materials in google classroom.



We expect students to do at least three hours of home independent learning per week in year 11.

Students will be asked to prepare or revise questions for their speaking exam.

Students will also need to learn vocabulary on a weekly basis, focusing on the Vocabulary Revision Booklet. These words will be tested in class each week and recorded for monitoring purposes. By doing this, students are very likely to achieve their predicted grade because they will be consistently working on GCSE topics that may come up in the exams.

Students will also be set exercises from “Kerboodle” to complete at home.These exercises will focus on grammar, listening, reading or writing. These resources are designed by the exam board to help prepare students for their GCSE.

PDF icon Spanish Higher Vocabulary Booklet


GCSE PE students will be expected to complete one piece of homework each term.  Homework tasks will consist of exam questions covering learnt topics for that term, students can access these on Google Classroom.   As well as this it is expected that students will stay up to date with current sporting news that will enhance and consolidate their understanding of the sports industry. 


Performing Arts

Students in Performing Arts are required to spend a minimum of one to two hours per week on Independent Study. This time can be used to undertake a range of activities such as:

*Rehearsing for performances or mini briefs.

*Researching ideas linked to performance work.

*Evidencing practical work for their portfolio. 

The work undertaken during Independent Study will enhance student’s fundamental skills, knowledge and understanding which they will use in Units 1 and  2. A portfolio checklist for Yr. 10 and yr. 11 students is available to all students and parents (Please see link on website). Please contact Mrs Stewart, Mr Bailey or Ms Stevens should you have any questions of if you feel your child would benefit from attending Portfolio Clinics, which are facilitated by the Performing Arts staff after school or at lunchtime.

Portfolios should reflect the work which students have done under controlled conditions in lessons and workshops, their personal skills and their understanding of planning and presenting a performance. Students will need to choose and use suitable methods to present their evidence in support of the skills they have learned.

The assessment of this Independent Study will link to student’s ability to evidence the following assessment objectives: 

AO1  recall, select, use and communicate their knowledge and understanding of performing arts to generate, explore and develop ideas
AO2  apply practical skills to communicate in performance (Rehearsals)
AO3  demonstrate a contextual understanding of the relationship between their own work and those in the performing arts industry
AO4  use the skills of analysis to evaluate their own work and that of others using appropriate terminology.

PDF icon Single Award Checklist 2016-17

PDF icon BTEC Performing Arts Homework



Students are set homework every Monday via Educake.  Usernames and passwords are available from their Science teacher.  Homework is due in by 9:00am on Friday each week.  Detentions will be set by the class teacher for the following Tuesday if the homework is not complete.